Implementing organizational learning and change

Felix Rhumbler Organisationsberatung assists clients in implementing organizational learning and change. We aim at attaining directly perceivable enhancement of business- and project-results as well as fostering new, fresh ways of working.

Our services include a variety of custom-tailored interventions in the core areas of

  • Strategy execution
  • Project excellence
  • Agile Development
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Change management  

The consultancy directs its thinking and acting according to the following principles:

  1. Integrate direction and guidance, result orientation, collaboration – while learning and improving.
  2. Support organizations to realize business results and to develop new capacities – simultaneously. 
  3. Think in solutions and release the potential of people and organizations – constantly.
  4. Collaborate with management teams, project teams and executives to strengthen the capabilities and resilience – as an organization and individual. 

Felix Rhumbler is an independent consultant, facilitator and coach. He has worked within a wide array of corporate cultures and tasks. He brings 30+ years of learning and experience in consulting to the table. Specific competences of his work include: conceptualization and support of complex change processes; guidance through strategy processes; leading strategic initiatives, projects and programs towards their goals; design and execution of training sessions and result-focused action learning programs.

A network combines the experience and knowledge of other specialized, seasoned consultants.